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31 Ways Educators Can Use Google Calendar

I  am currently teaching online Google Apps for Educators courses to teachers, which has given me great opportunities for creating great visual learning guides and resources. In the image below, my goal was to create a nice visual that provided ideas for ways to use Google Calendar in the classroom. To create my image, I decided to use Piktochart. I am a huge fan of infographics and I think they are a great way to provide information in a more visually engaging way. Once my images and ideas were added to my infographic, I was ready to add the magic to this image. The secret to adding magic to any image is…..Thinglink! Thinglink allows you to take any images that you have created, or have rights to use and add links to websites, videos and more. The end result is an engaging learning resource that is interactive and highly effective.

Check out my image below to see the final product. Be sure to hover over the image to view the interactive resources that are embedded using Thinglink.

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