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Schoology- Learning Management System

My Schoology Learning Management System featured the course, Collaboration and Communication with Google Apps for Education.  In the course learners will first watch an introductory video and be provided with information to navigate through the LMS.  Opportunities for discussions and feedback are provided in each of the six sections available.  After watching the Introductory video, learners will participate in my Captivate Instructional Module, Enhancing Communication and Collaboration in Schools.  Following completion of the module, learners will proceed to lessons three through six, where extensions for Google Documents, Gmail and Google Calendar are offered in a learner-choice environment. The course concludes with an overview of all the content covered in all six lessons.  The course was developed in Schoology.  The Introductory video was developed in Screenflow.  Assessments offered in game format were developed in Zondle.

Click on the Schoology image below to enter the website and explore my course.  Use the following access code- B3FS2-4H7R7

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